LOVING my hair again <3 (Taken with Instagram)

Can’t decide on a filter lol! (Taken with Instagram)

So excited about my outfit :) (Taken with Instagram)

Getting a good deal ‘cos you always buy your Indian jewellery from the same shop ^_^

Had to take off any metal before my surgery this morning. #metalheadproblems (Taken with instagram)

Everyday I’m Tumbln

Too much dress love = too many gpoys

Gpoy for my new dress <3

My first victorious victory rolls :)

(Source: moana-matron)

Gpoy ‘cos my petticoat came! :D (Photo by moanamatron)

(Source: moana-matron)

gpoy and the boy

I won’t be doing this.

But I sure was tempted.


I love my new theme, edited by this wonderful babestation to be just the way I wanted it ^_^

Love <3