Orca strandings do happen here, but usually they’re returned to see and usually it’s only one.

To lose 9 at once is so sad, especially in a population of only around 200 :’(

I’ve heard rumblings of seismic testing around the South Island, this BETTER get investigated.

(photo credit Tracy Thomas)

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Today I saw these tiny jellyfish with red centres at Maratei and it took me FAR too long online to find out what they were.  So I’m putting this on the interweb in the hope that the next person to try and identify them has a much easier time!

Turns out they’re most likely Turritopsis nutricula, also known as the ‘immortal jellyfish’ because when they get stressed they can essentially revert back and begin life all over again as a polyp, ideal much!

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Misty mornings. (Taken with Instagram at Taupo Lookout)

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Orcas up North :) <3

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Ready to watch the Champions League match.

If only the Maori channel had played the right one >.<


The first putiputi I’ve ever (successfully) made with harekeke :)